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Virtual Smartcard

General FAQs

  1. Why would I use a Virtual Smartcard (VSC)?

    Reasons include:

    • As an alternate or backup for your badge logon, especially when on travel.
    • So you can leave your badge in your holder and not risk leaving it in your computer or home.
  2. Who is eligible for a Virtual Smartcard?

    JPL employees and affiliates with active NASA badges and eligible computer and smartphone.

  3. May I use my personal computer?

    No, only JPL-issued systems are eligible.

  4. May I use my personal phone?

    No, only JPL-issue iPhones and Androids are eligible.

  5. Can I connect to multiple workstations at once?

    No, the app only supports a single connection at any one time.

  6. I am set up for Auto Connect to my desktop. Can I connect to another system?

    You will need to go into the Settings icon on the phone app and disable Auto Connect in order to connect to another system.

  7. What is the cost of a Virtual Smartcard?


  8. Does my Virtual Smartcard PIN expire?


  9. Can I change my Virtual Smartcard PIN?

    Yes, through the 'Identities' icon at the bottom of the Entrust App. The Change PIN function is available under PIN Management.

  10. Can I use my Virtual Smartcard to log in to NASA web applications?

    For the time being you will need to log in to NASA web applications using your badge. The JPL issued certificates used by VSC are not currently accepted by NASA.

  11. What software is installed on my workstation for Virtual Smartcard?

    The Entrust IdentityGuard Smart Credential Reader. Available via Self Service or Software Center.

  12. How do I replenish my smartphone?

    New certificates will be issued and you will need to perform pairing again.

  13. How do I replenish my workstation?

    First, make sure you are not connected to any other device and your new system is connected to JPL WiFi. Then use the 'Add New Device' function under the Smart Card icon on your Entrust app to search for and add your new workstation.

General Troubleshooting

  1. The system says my PIN is blocked.

    Contact 4-HELP for assistance in setting a new PIN.

  2. I am unable to connect my phone to my system after pairing has been completed.

    Contact 4-HELP for assistance.