Information Technology at JPL

Directory and Authentication Service

JPL IT - Directory and Authentication Service

Strong Password Guidelines

  • Contain at least 8 characters
  • Characters from at least three of these four character sets:
    • Lower-case letters
    • Upper-case letters
    • Numbers
    • At least one Special Character such as: % - _ + . ! $
    Important Caution: Avoid use of the following characters, which may conflict with Oracle applications and other tools: [ , } : # @ / \ *
  • Does Not Contain:
    • A dictionary word, either by itself or with other characters appended or prefixed to it.

      For example, do not use

      • A Username
      • A vendor name
      • Name or nickname for a product
      • Contractor name
      • Division name
      • Section name
      • Group name
      • Project/task/program name
      • Sports or other well-known team or group name
      • Your first or last name
    • Personal information, such as family names, pet names, etc.
    • A series of repetitive or keyboard patterns, e.g., 12345678, qwertyu
  • Must Be Changed
    • Every 90 days per JPL Computer Systems Policy
    • Passwords may not match one of the last 24 you used or one that you set in the last 180 days.
  • You are responsible for the security of your password. Do not leave it written down near your computer or written anywhere next to your username.

The system administrator will configure the user accounts to use only JPL Directory Service authentication (, when this service provides the capability for central authentication.