Extranet Provisioning System

Access to the JPL Extranet

The JPL Extranet enables sponsored external partners to access task-specific internal applications and resources. Based on a virtual architecture, the Extranet allocates processor and memory resources dynamically and allows for quick provisioning and de-provisioning of virtual machines on an as-needed basis. This enables projects to collaborate effectively and flexibly with external partners, avoiding the cost and time involved with purchasing and maintaining their own hardware to manage external access.

Approval for access to the JPL Extranet is provided by a JPL sponsor. Following the successful completion of an online approval process, the external partner is included in the External EXTAD Directory and thereafter able to access specific resources via authentication with a username and password.

The Office of the CIO launched the JPL Extranet in November 2008 to facilitate cost-effective collaboration for projects with full security, reliable performance, and consistent availability. Comments, suggestions, and questions about the Extranet are welcome: Please send them to AskIT@jpl.nasa.gov.

Sponsor Interfaces
  Sponsor an External Partner for access to the JPL Extranet
  Administratively manage your sponsored accounts


For assistance, call 4-HELP (818-354-4357) or submit a Service Request.