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Challenge and Response

Challenge and Response is authentication based on a question (Challenge) and answer (Response) used to authoritatively identify yourself when using the online, self-service password reset option or requesting assistance from JPL customer service organizations.

What is a Challenge Question?

Your Challenge Question is a self-chosen personal question which you could be asked to identify yourself online and/or by a 4-HELP analyst in the event you forget your password. Your Challenge Question can contain anything of a personal nature that you would always answer the same way.

Some examples of Challenge Questions:

  • In which city was I born?
  • What is the name of my pet cat?
  • What is my mother's first name?

Note: You should not set your "User-set Challenge Question" to be the same as an "Institutionally Fixed Challenge".

What is a Challenge Response?

Your institutionally fixed and user-set Challenge Responses are used to identify you in the event you forget your password and need it reset. They can be anything of a personal nature that will be easy to remember whenever you're presented with the corresponding challenge questions in the future.

For example, if your challenge question is "In which city was I born?" your challenge response could be "Denver."

When resetting your password, your Challenge Responses are considered correct if they are typed in exactly as they were originally set, with the following exceptions:

  • Case is ignored
  • Extra spaces are collapsed to one
  • Special characters . ' " : ; , ! _ are ignored